Manufacuring success and the process of winning

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“The feeing of being a winner is MANUFACTURED!”

When you decide to be a winner, you have decided to win, and you just “know” that you will win. It is an inexplicable feeling, but the decision to win has already been made. Because of this decision, you make all the smaller choices, and take all the right paths to get you to wherever you need to get to - to win. If you do take a wrong path, this feeling of winning drives you so much, that you shake heaven and earth to find that right path that eventually leads to winning. The wrong path feels like a small thorn in the path, rather than a boulder.

The definition of winning is very subjective. For some it means winning at sports, for others it means having a lot of friends, starting a company, scaling a company, finding that dream job - the list is endless. Whatever winning means to you, it is a decision that you need to make in your heart. You need to be aware that you are capable and you are strong and you are powerful, and thats it - just go out and win at what you want to win - not what others define as winning.

I believe that this “knowing” comes from the practice of repeatedly telling yourself that you are a winner and then making all the choices with that “winner” mindset and that you are aware of who you are (your assets and your faults) and you use what skills you have to solve the problems you have.

Then irrespective of the actual outcome (winning or losing), you think like a winner and you persevere. If the outcome wasn’t what you wanted, your “winning” mindset is what propels you to find a way to fix it - to win.

The attitude of a winner requires the courage to chose strength over weakness and make healthy choices in life for body and mind.

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