4 min read
Willpower (book summary)

In this book Roy Baumeister and John Tierney talk about Willpower, why it is important, how successful people have implemented the power of willpower in their own lives, and how...

11 min read
The Hard Thing about Hard Things (book summary)

This book is one of the first books to read as an entrepreneur. Ben Horowitz candidly talks about the struggles, and hard things about starting, running and growing companies. Here...

17 min read
How to Win Friends and Influence People (book summary)

This book is a timeless classic by Dale Carnegie. In this book Carnegie goes into great depth about how to win hearts of everyone around you - employees, employers, students,...

10 min read
Start with Why (book summary)

This book is by Simon Sinek. In this book Sinek talks about finding the elusive - “why” - which is the primordial reason for developing brand loyalty, making friends, selling,...

13 min read
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big (book summary)

This book is by Scott Adams - the Author of Dilbert comics. Adams does a phenomenal job of break down the psychology behind failing and winning, and simple techniques to...

5 min read
So Good They Can't Ignore You (book summary)

Author’s profile and book description: So Good that they can’t ignore you, by Cal Newport

3 min read
Managing Machine Learning Experiments

I run Machine Learning experiments for a living and I run an average of 50 experiments per stage of a project. For each experiment I write code for training models,...

7 min read
A Universe from Nothing (book summary)

Lawrence Krauss answers questions about the universe - where it came from, what was there before, what will the future bring, and if it all really came from nothing.

7 min read
Rising Strong

In Rising Strong, Brené Brown talks about how we often fall when we try, and goes into great detail about how we can change the narratives in our mind, and...

11 min read
Braving the Wilderness

This book is about our struggle to try to “belong” to something, what the belonging means. This book inspires the reader to belong to themselves, and giving yourselves that place...

7 min read
Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion

This book is about how our brain loves shortcuts, and other people can make us follow them by pushing our emotional buttons. These manipulators are everywhere in the industry, they’re...

1 min read
Trends of Raising Money in the USA

I have been studying the trends in raising money in USA, and the numbers are staggering! In the past 10 years the amount of money raised has doubled and is...

6 min read
Quiet - The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

The book is a study of quiet intensity - and a study of introvertism and extrovertism and how each of these play a part in moving mankind forward. The book...

10 min read
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (book summary)

This book is about how we need to be careful about what we give importance to in our lives. How do we pick and chose the right things to give...

4 min read
Bullet Journaling - The power of paper and a pen

That is a terrible title. Oh well.. I you have a better one I am all ears.

2 min read
How to Start with Data Science

Starting with any data science project is tricky because it has so many prerequisites such as data, processing power, storage space, and not to mention the vast amount of research...

1 min read
Manufacuring success and the process of winning

“The feeing of being a winner is MANUFACTURED!”

3 min read
Are you a serious entrepreneur?

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur or a serious entrepreneur? Often when people find out that I am a tech startup founder, they start asking me questions like — Do...

7 min read
What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Last year I wrote a highly popular blog post about Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

14 min read
Online Word2Vec for Gensim

Word2Vec [1] is a technique for creating vectors of word representations to capture the syntax and semantics of words. The vectors used to represent the words have several interesting features,...

1 min read
8 life skills that I learned from Grad school

I have spent a large chunk of my life in grad school - getting my masters and Ph.D. Looking back, I feel like grad school helped me learn things that...

3 min read
Should I do a Ph.D.?

DO a PhD if you have the inclination for research and knowledge! You live once in life and you can always make more money later.

10 min read
Understanding your Data - Basic Statistics

Have you ever had to deal with a lot of data, and don’t know where to start? If yes, then this post is for you. In this post I will...

11 min read
All about that Bayes - An Intro to Probability


6 min read
Build your own search Engine

In this post, I will take you through the steps for calculating the $tf \times idf$ values for all the words in a given document. To implement this, we use...

6 min read
The Math behind Lucene

Lucene is an open source search engine, that one can use on top of custom data and create your own search engine - like your own personal google. In this...